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Plan Runners Add-on for Bamboo provides usable tasks for Build and Deployment Plans making it highly configurable using decision making flowchart. It provides great tool to create Build, deployment and test pipelines with intelligence to deploy , rollback etc based on test testing success and other factors!

Plan Runners plugin adds following tasks within Bamboo Server

  • Run Build plans
  • Run Deployment plans
  • Create Releases for deployment projects
  • Promote Releases between environments
  • Rollback Release of any environment
  • Rerun Deployment for any environment

  • Rest API Support
    We are working to provide all above tasks as REST API

You can create deployment chain:

Use build plan with integration test as deployment tests: You can decide the success or failure of your deployments by directly calling the test plan within deployment plan. The success or failure of the test plan or the percentage of tests passed can be used to mark deployment success-full or failed. For failures, rollback can be executed seamlessly.

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